James M. La Rossa Jr. is a publisher, journalist and 3rd generation New Yorker. This intimate and irreverent memoir originates from his role as his father’s devoted sidekick to the ultra-secretive world of lawyers guns and money for 50 years.

La Rossa spent four years in the writing department at Sarah Lawrence College. In 1984, he left Fordham Law School to become a journalist for The International Courier in Rome, Italy. Upon his return to New York City, he wrote for Fairchild and ABC/Cap Cities, before founding MedWorks Media Inc., one of the largest publishers in psychiatry, drug development, and mental fitness. In 2006, he relocated permanently to Southern California. His dying father — the infamous trial lawyer and political insider, Jimmy La Rossa,  joined him in Manhattan Beach, California on January 30, 2010.

In the last five years of his life, the legendary attorney revealed to his eldest son and confidante the most closely held secrets to more than a generation of New York City’s organized and white color crimes.

La Rossa continues to live within a mile of the house where he lived with his father. He resides with his fiancé, Sonya. Their four children — Sofia, Gianni, Max and Juliana are frequent visitors.

A large photo of their fearless father and Grandfather hangs high in the kitchen.


In addition to his work as a memoirist, La Rossa  is the CEO & Publisher of Medworks Media Inc., a digital & print publisher of some of the most prominent scientific journals and special educational projects for psychiatrists, psychopharmacologists, and the larger medical community. He s a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Before he left New York for California, he headed the Executive Committee of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a group comprised of neuroscientists and pharmaceutical industry executives dedicated to the research and prevention of suicide.

La Rossa is on the President’s Advisory Council of Phoenix House, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation group for adolescents and young adults. He is a member of the World Psychiatric Association, a vested member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and a member of Amnesty International.


Top 5 Reasons to Review True North, A Son’s Memoir:

  • Praise from top names in law, entertainment, medicine and journalistic worlds, all with an enormous following in their fields:
    1. Linda Fairstein (best selling author, head of the Sex Crimes Unit in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the original character/model for “Law and Order SVU”)
    2. Denis Hamill (author, columnist and brother of Pete Hamill)
    3. Jerry Capeci (author and noted New York Mafia columnist)
    4. Ben Brafman (noted defense lawyer)
    5. Selwyn Raab (author and award-winning New York Times journalist)
    6. Kay Jamison, PhD (author of best selling books about mental illness and John’s Hopkins professor)
  • True North, A Son’s Memoir, is the often hilarious and bittersweet 50-year love story between a father and his oldest son. When trial lawyer Jimmy La Rossa—one of the most famous American lawyers of his generation—falls mortally ill in New York, his namesake digs in to save his beloved father by “kidnapping” him in secret to a beach town in Southern California, from which this unique tale is narrated.
  • True North is an historical extravaganza, spanning the 1970s Watergate investigation and the rise and fall of organized crime, to a generation of the most eccentric criminals and events. Only the irreverent father-son team who rode the eye of the stormcould tell this true-life tale.
  • The heart and soul of True North is a redemption story — chock full of silver linings. We learn in dramatic fashion that not until the author wrote this memoir did he realize that he did not, in fact, save his father—as almost everyone had thought—his father saved him! In an unexpected twist of fate, through the telling of this legendary life, the son discovers the secrets to overcome some of his own haunting personal demons.
  • This enriching, one-of-a-kind true tale about a dedicated and irreverent father-son duo, will make the ultimate Father’s Day gift.
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